We believe spaces should serve to make life and work better. They should be built thoughtfully to support initiatives, facilitate productivity, and create an environment of connection. Buildings can and should give back, making a measurable difference in the productivity and relationships of people.
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That’s why we design enduring, human-centered spaces around the way people actually work, conduct business, learn, or worship. A well-designed space is one that helps our client not only perform these functions more seamlessly, it also reduces operating costs, improves sustainability, supports collaboration, and streamlines processes.

Because our expertise spans across ten markets and over 60 years, we’ve developed a deep understanding of client needs, common obstacles and concerns, and how to apply new research and learning to continually hone our approach. 

Our architectural services include:

  • Architectural design
  • Programming & space planning
  • Site/building evaluation
  • Planning & feasibility studies
  • Energy modeling and LEED certification
  • Renovation & remodeling

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