Re-Imagine Workplace Initiative



A Flexible and Proactive Work Environment

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Enabling employees to bring their best selves to work and understand how their work matters to the organization’s success.

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The Re-Imagine Workplace Initiative aims to enable this confidential organization’s business and talent strategies in a future-forward, agile work environment. Progressive Companies’ design team worked with various stakeholders to discover unique organizational drivers that enable success in a post-pandemic work environment. The series of projects will activate and organize the work environment, supporting flexibility and agility to respond to evolving organizational needs proactively. As the first project in the initiative, this remodel sets the tone for the dynamic, curated experiences to come.  

The amenity space offers a new experience for all employees on campus with its versatile mix of uses and typologies, designed to connect employees to the global organization’s brand promise of helping people live better, healthier lives. The central hub features refreshments and coffee in a two-story work café with an open, connecting stairway. Referred to as the heart of the office, the hub is surrounded by a diverse mix of spaces featuring a combination of informal postures, traditional formal conferencing, and agile stand-up spaces. Sheltered from the main activity, quiet rooms are also provided for focused work and rejuvenation.  

In addition to modernizing the global organization’s facilities, the initiative will also connect the campus to the growing adjacent village. The office’s south façade includes a full-height glass curtain wall that provides an elegant and modern face to the community while allowing an abundance of daylight into the space. With a focus on experiencing a culture of openness and collaboration, this is a place for celebration, critical conversations, and innovation on equal footing. The design benchmarks a new way of working, activating the workspace to embody core values and lead to greater engagement, agility, and connectivity.  

The completion of this project is a significant first step in realizing the future vision of a new global headquarters in Michigan, enabling employees to bring their best selves to work and understand how their work matters to the organization’s success.