Sonic Automotive - Through the Years



Crafting Tomorrow's Automotive Experience, from Cutting-Edge Headquarters to Revolutionary Showrooms

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These projects with Sonic Automotive exemplify our dedication to pushing the boundaries of design while aligning with our client's vision for progressive and customer-centric automotive experiences.

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Progressive Companies' partnership with Sonic Automotive, Inc., a powerhouse in the automotive retail landscape, has been marked by innovative and transformative designs that reflect their forward-thinking brand and commitment to customer satisfaction. One notable collaboration involved the complete restoration of a seven-story building, originally constructed in 1970, that Sonic Automotive selected as their new headquarters in Charlotte, NC. Despite the building's near-vacant state, we embraced the challenge, transforming it into 60,000 square feet of class-A office space aligning with Sonic's forward-thinking ethos. Design features include a high-efficiency glass curtain wall, strategic upgrades to mechanical systems, a sophisticated building management system, and integrated interactive technologies, all fostering a dynamic and efficient work environment. Notably, the design prioritized employee wellness with the inclusion of fitness and spa facilities.

Another groundbreaking venture was the creation of EchoPark in Thornton, CO, a revolutionary prototype for used car sales that defies conventional expectations. Progressive's design team conceptualized EchoPark around the modern customer — sophisticated, connected, and technologically savvy. The result is an immersive and user-centric experience, from the intuitive store layout to interactive digital elements that empower customers to control the pace of their car-buying journey. Unlike the traditional and often stressful used car sales environment, EchoPark's design leverages color, texture, lighting, and external views to evoke a calm, residential atmosphere, promoting a sense of ease for customers. High-transparency glass curtain walls emphasize the brand's commitment to honesty and transparency, fostering a seamless connection between the interior and exterior.

Sustainability was integral to the EchoPark project, aligning with Progressive's commitment to environmentally conscious design. From the community-centric retail concept to meticulous material selection, lighting, and site amenities, we carefully considered every aspect. The building was designed to reduce energy consumption by 36% and water use by over 30% compared to baseline standards. The integration of a Building Automation System ensures optimal operational efficiency, aligning with both occupant comfort and energy conservation.

These projects with Sonic Automotive exemplify Progressive Companies' dedication to pushing the boundaries of design while aligning with our client's vision for innovative and customer-centric automotive experiences.