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Transforming Healthcare: Over a Decade of Partnership and Progress with Trinity Health Services

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Trinity Health
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Gathering room with bright colors and fun animal artwork on the walls.

Nurturing a Trusted Partnership for People-First Design

Progressive Companies’ partnership with Trinity Health Services is a testament to our unwavering commitment to thoughtful healthcare design. With a shared dedication to people-first practices and solving complex challenges, this collaboration has thrived as we’ve worked together to enhance patient care, elevate healthcare facilities, and address the evolving needs of the communities we jointly serve.

Progressive’s roots with Trinity Health run deep, as we were involved with the entities that formed the organization prior to their merger in 2013. The length and breadth of our relationship, stretching over 400+ separate health system projects, is a testament to the trust and collaboration that defines our partnership.

Transforming Patient Care in West Michigan

Progressive’s journey with Trinity Health Services is marked by a remarkable portfolio of projects that have left a lasting impact on healthcare facilities and the overall well-being of the communities they serve—benefiting patients, families, and staff alike.

Inside a modern hospital room with interior design

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Geriatric Medical Unit

Grand Rapids, MI
In 2011, we provided architecture, engineering, and interior design services for Mercy Health Saint Mary's Geriatric Medical Unit to remodel the third floor of the Lacks Cancer Center into a specialized unit for elderly patients. The design incorporated elder-friendly features such as non-slip flooring, specialized lighting, handrails, and comfortable seating, with a focus on patients aged 65 and older. The outcome was a more soothing environment, which led to higher staff morale and improved patient care.
Inside a modern hospital room with interior design

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Psychiatric Medical Unit; Mercy Health Partners – Obstetrics Renovation

Grand Rapids, MI
In 2012, we renovated the Mercy Health Saint Mary's Psychiatric Medical Unit and the Mercy Health Partners Obstetrics. The former involved restoring a hospital floor to improve patient and family satisfaction, leading to higher satisfaction scores and reduced patient seclusion and restraints. The latter aimed to consolidate OB/GYN services from two campuses into one, resulting in a facility that could handle 2,500 deliveries annually with professional obstetric services.

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Heart and Vascular Center; Mercy Health Wege Institute for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Muskegon, MI
In 2013, Progressive completed the Mercy Health Saint Mary's Heart and Vascular Center and the Mercy Health Wege Institute for Mind, Body, and Spirit. The former involved renovating the cardiac catheterization lab and expanding the prep/recovery area to increase patient satisfaction and volume. The latter aimed to create a holistic and nurturing experience for patients, guests, and staff to align with Grand Rapids philanthropist Peter Wege’s vision to enhance the lives of those in West Michigan.
Hospital dining room with brightly painted walls, high top tables, and plants

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Cafeteria

Grand Rapids, MI
In 2014, Progressive partnered on Mercy Health Saint Mary's Cafeteria renovation, featuring an expanded cafeteria space with new seating, a physician's lounge, and a green roof. This project received recognition with an Associated Builders & Contractors Award.
Waiting room with flower sculpture, fireplace, large windows, and voluminous lights.

Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Entry and Waiting Area

Grand Rapids, MI
In 2015, we transformed Mercy Health Saint Mary's Entry and Waiting Area as part of a surgical suite renovation and addition. The project focused on patient experience and brand identity, increasing family space and improving wayfinding within the hospital.
Interior of hospital with hallways and nurses desk accented in blue.

Mercy Health Ludington; Mercy Heath Saint Mary’s Surgical Suite

Ludington, MI
In 2016, we collaborated on two major projects: Mercy Health Ludington Hospital and Mercy Health Saint Mary's Surgical Suite. The former aimed to provide increased capacity and quality of care, combining primary care, specialty care, behavioral health, and more. The latter aimed to create state-of-the-art medical spaces, including operating rooms, pre/post rooms, and improved waiting areas, with a focus on patient-centered care, staff comfort, and operational efficiency.
Waiting room with check-in stations and lots of seating accented in blue

Mercy Health Ada Medical Office Building

Ada, MI
In 2021, the Mercy Health Ada Medical Office Building project addressed the need for an intuitive and easy-to-navigate medical facility incorporating primary care, specialty services, and flexible space for future growth. Despite building constraints, this project successfully accommodated multiple services, leading to positive patient satisfaction scores.
Warm and inviting seating with accent lighting hanging down

Trinity Health Saint Mary’s Orthopedic Suite; Trinity Health Muskegon Conference Center

Muskegon, MI
In 2022, Trinity Health Saint Mary's Orthopedic Suite aimed to expand orthopedic care services in Muskegon by providing urgent care and specialty services. The addition of more exam rooms and an x-ray room led to an increase in patient satisfaction.
The outside of a well lit building with large glass windows during twilight.
Progressive Companies’ partnership with Trinity Health Services is a testament to the power of collaboration and shared values in healthcare. It is a partnership built on a deep understanding of the industry, a commitment to community well-being, and a tireless dedication to creating healthcare environments that are truly transformative.