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People come first. That’s what we’re made of.

Everyone has a voice here.

We believe people matter. It’s this foundation that helped us develop a company culture marked by collaboration, celebration, support, and not only doing what’s right by our clients, but also our team and their families, our communities, and our environment.

We continually challenge the belief that all the best ways of doing things have already been discovered, knowing our people hold the potential and skills to develop the most effective and innovative best practices.

We’re dedicated to continuous creativity, curiosity, and giving our people the space, encouragement, and autonomy to grow.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


We strive to recognize, respect, value, and continually seek to learn the things that make others unique, as well as the commonalities we share.

We work to understand that people have diverse needs and backgrounds and support them with what they need to participate and operate at their best.

We aim to operate in a manner where people are seen, heard, and valued for the special and unique ways they are able to make a difference.


For over 60 years, Progressive Companies has been committed to innovative and sustainable designs that benefit our clients and communities.

Our firm is leading sustainable design through the use of energy modeling software like cove.tool and the TallyCAT plugin for Revit; The Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3), a free database of materials that helps us select greener, lower carbon materials; and being a part of the AIA 2030 Challenge for all new buildings and renovations to be carbon neutral by 2030.

We’ve also developed a Sustainability Action Plan and uploaded our projects to the AIA’s Design Data Exchange (DDx), giving us real-time feedback and data points on how we’re advancing towards our commitment.

Minimizing both operational and embodied carbon is one of the main ways we strive toward our 2030 goal of net zero.

“We love using our sustainable design knowledge to creatively solve problems, meet client goals, and help plan for the future.”

Donald Green, Architectural Project Manager

Universal Design

Dedicated to designing for a diverse population, Progressive Companies is an expert in Universal Design. In every project, we seek to remove physical and social barriers in the quest to create truly inclusive environments.

Universal Design is dedicated to creating spaces where everyone can access what they need to succeed. Universal Design dares us to look further than differences in ability and background; it provides an opportunity to form spaces designed for everyone.

Progressive Companies helps organizations become more inclusive and can even help clients pursue Universal Design Certification through the Global Universal Design Commission.

“Universal Design thinking and strategy is an approach rather than a code that establishes the framework for a space designed for all.”

Michael Perry, Principal, Universal Design

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High-performing Culture

As an organization, we strive to create a culture that unleashes the potential of each and every employee, which means adhering to our core values of diversity, leadership, learning, and trust. To that end, Progressive is committed to investing in employees’ professional development, building and strengthening relationships within our teams, and celebrating a high-performing culture as our competitive advantage.

“As an architect who’s been designing for more than 20 years, it is a privilege to still feel like I cannot wait to get into a new project — to create something that beautifully expresses the client’s identity, improves the engagement of their workforce, poises them to enjoy greater success, with greater enjoyment and greater ease.”

Bryan Koehn, Principal, Director of Design

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Performance-based Design

We know our clients have key drivers that help motivate decisions and set their course of action. Together, we will work to determine where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow, and set a course to make that happen. These performance measures will stay top-of-mind during the design process. In fact, they will drive each and every decision we make to ensure our work ties back to your strategic vision.

Design isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about improving organizational outcomes.

Employee Ownership

We act like owners because we are. The staff at Progressive Companies has access to profit sharing, employee stock ownership, comprehensive benefits, and employee development programs. We do this because we believe in investing in our future together.

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