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Transforming Automotive Spaces with Excellence and Innovation

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With expertise in design, engineering, and strategy, we craft environments that reflect Audi's commitment to innovation and luxury.

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Progressive Companies has cultivated a longstanding partnership with Audi, shaping transformative spaces that embody excellence. With expertise in design, engineering, and strategy, we craft environments that reflect Audi's commitment to innovation and luxury. Our collaboration extends from Audi Downtown Nashville—meticulously designed to elevate customer experience—to the revitalization of Audi Rockville, enhancing footprint and functionality while preserving distinct identity. Through thoughtful architecture and seamless integration of cutting-edge technology, we continue to reimagine Audi's spaces, ensuring they resonate with the brand's ethos of sophistication and performance.

Audi Downtown Nashville, a 19,800 sq. ft. dealership situated in the SoBro neighborhood, is meticulously designed to provide Audi enthusiasts with the luxury they truly deserve, while elevating the brand's already high standards of excellence. The modern open design concept adds a touch of sophistication and ensures transparency throughout the entire store, from the entrance to the service area where technicians showcase their expertise during repairs.

This dealership's luxury design serves as a striking contrast to the original 1997 warehouse, which underwent a thorough renovation to adhere to strict Audi design principles. Despite the transformation, the unique customer experience is preserved through thoughtful architecture and cutting-edge technology integration. Audi Downtown Nashville stands as a testament to the successful fusion of luxury, innovation, and creative design within the confines of the original warehouse structure.

Progressive Companies also reimagined and enhanced one of our original projects – transforming a 33,000 sq. ft. dual-image Audi-Porsche store into a cutting-edge 40,800 sq. ft. Audi Rockville dealership in alignment with Audi's Terminal program. The expanded footprint now features an impressive showroom capable of displaying eleven cars, a dedicated vehicle handover area, and an enclosed reception drive, elevating the overall customer experience. Additionally, the second floor underwent expansion from 6,900 sq. ft. to 7,900 sq. ft. to meet the specific requirements of the Audi program. The renovation included enhancing the existing 27-bay service shop, which remained fully operational throughout the construction duration—showcasing a seamless integration of construction efforts and operational needs.