IHA Health Center

Ypsilanti, MI




A Pioneering Healthcare Model for Universities

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Through a partnership between IHA and Eastern Michigan University, a pioneering model of care for peer universities was created.

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IHA is one of the largest multi-specialty groups in Michigan and is a member of Trinity Health. To expand their services, IHA sought out an opportunity to partner with Eastern Michigan University to be their provider of health services for both students and faculty. The partnership aimed to create a healthcare model for universities, providing Eastern Michigan University staff with essential health services and relieving the University of the responsibility of providing them.

To ensure the success of this unique partnership, the design team at Progressive Companies identified crucial stakeholders and their respective roles. This enabled them to establish the priorities and objectives of the project, leading to well-informed decisions that could effectively fulfill the goals of both organizations. As a result, a pioneering model of care for peer universities was created, and the design team successfully delivered a building design that not only met EMU's standards, but also aligned with IHA's operational objectives.