MCC Arts and Humanities Renovation

Muskegon, MI




Music and Visual Arts Programs Receive Upgrade

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Project Details

Muskegon Community College
65,000 square feet
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A public gallery and café foster collaboration and showcase student work.

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In 2019, Progressive Companies led a renovation and reorganization project to create new music and visual arts spaces at Muskegon Community College’s Frauenthal Foundation Arts Center. Throughout complex project considerations such as space planning, architectural coordination, integrating various disciplines, and technology upgrades, Progressive's designers worked collaboratively to deliver functional and aesthetic spaces that inspire creativity and innovation.

The team successfully integrated the music and visual arts programs by adding a public gallery and café, fostering collaboration and showcasing student work. They also restored the connection between the arts and the main campus buildings. The new spaces catered to the needs of both students and staff, with technology infrastructure giving students the necessary tools to succeed.

As a result of the project's success, this renovation serves as a model for future construction and renovation projects at the college.