Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers solve problems. In built environments, they design complex systems that help buildings and their amenities function safely and efficiently — everything from heating and air conditioning, to plumbing and fire protection, to energy analysis and regenerative design.
Experience Progressive Companies

At Progressive Companies, our mechanical engineers are dedicated to optimizing environments on a human level, ensuring seamless occupancy and supporting the success of the organizations that rely on them. 

As we employ best practices in one market, we apply them to other markets we serve, helping organizations do more without spending more and producing some amazing results in the process — in hospitals, universities, workplaces, and more. Our mechanical engineers are in-step with their architect cohorts throughout the project's lifespan, allowing them to collaborate on integrated designs that often exceed the project's energy and sustainability goals.

Progressive’s Mechanical Engineering services include:

  • Code review
  • Facility assessment
  • HVAC design
  • Plumbing design
  • Fire protection design
  • Central plant master planning and design
  • Energy modeling and certification
  • Virtual design and construction (VDC) modeling and coordination
  • Controlled environments
  • Science and technology design
  • Industrial building systems

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