Workplace Strategy

Vibrant and engaging workplaces can go a long way in contributing to employee satisfaction and supporting company values.
Experience Progressive Companies

Technology and a new generational landscape have transformed young professionals' conception of an ideal workplace. Today’s workforce has come to expect access to shared amenities, including cafes, conference spaces, training rooms, co-working areas, and fitness centers. These preferences inspire organizations to seek creative ways to attract and keep employees. 

We believe a space can do more than just retain good employees. The design of a physical space can support a company’s vision and values and shape company culture.

Progressive Companies' experience with corporate workplaces has taken us to cities around the world, 22 different states, and more than 700 individual projects. This broad range of experience has taught us that all organizations – and the needs of their staff – are unique.

Progressive Companies’ Workplace services include:

  • Master planning
  • Interior design
  • Workforce consultation