Roads and Utilities

We think hard about the design of roads and integration of utilities so you don’t have to. We’re here to provide your infrastructure solutions.
Experience Progressive Companies

Our civil, stormwater, and utilities engineers understand the community-wide impact of their designs and solutions.  Whether increasing water and wastewater capacity, designing safer roads, or using green infrastructure techniques to reduce flooding, our engineers are ready to listen and deeply understand your issues and deliver measurable results. Our team includes engineers who have worked for public agencies and have knowledge of pain points, processes, and previous solutions to draw from as they work through design and construction.

Progressive Companies has been involved with many road and utility projects for various clients including local municipalities, state Departments of Transportation, Road Commissions, and private utility companies. We have enjoyed the positive impact we have made on infrastructure projects in our communities and continue to identify places where we can make a difference.

Services Include: 

  • Complete Streets analysis and design
  • Road diet/street conversion analyses and design
  • Roadway/street design 
  • Roadway pavement marking and signing plans 
  • Roundabout analysis and design
  • Trail and sidewalk design
  • Public utility design for water, wastewater, and steam
  • Private utility design
  • Stormwater management
  • Low-impact design and green/blue infrastructure