Our Strategic Advantage is You

People First

Company culture is a major contributor to employee satisfaction, engagement, and success. At Progressive Companies we're serious about our work, but we're also serious about a fun, inclusive, and engaging culture where people thrive.

Our dynamic offices have open floor plans and and both indoor and outdoor collaborative workspaces--plus plenty of quiet spots to focus when needed. Our hybrid schedule allows the flexibility (based on client and project needs) to work from home on Mondays and Fridays. We believe in work-life balance and your overall wellbeing.

We know how to find joy in our work together--office social hours, employee celebrations, yoga, running groups, office parties and events, grilling days, and puppy parties (yes, puppy parties!), are a few of the ways we connect and recharge. In the summer, employees are encouraged to frontload the week and enjoy Friday afternoons off through our summer hour benefit.

In addition, our four employee-led committees give staff the opportunity to get involved in an area they're passionate about--whether that's giving back, promoting health, ensuring everyone belongs, or just plain having FUN!

  • Community Involvement
  • CREW
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Wellness

Community Involvement

We Believe in Giving Back

Being able to give back to the communities we serve is an incredible privilege, and something we strive to do together on a regular basis. Whether it’s volunteering at the local food pantry or mentoring local high school students, we’re always looking for ways to support our communities as a team.

Each employee is granted 16 paid service-learning hours annually to volunteer or mentor. The Community Involvement Committee plans a company-wide service learning day in June and September, and also sponsors events such as school supply and holiday gift drives each year. Volunteering together is a great way to make a difference and get to know co-workers.

“Being part of the Community Involvement Committee is so rewarding. It allows me to help plan volunteer opportunities for my co-workers so we can get outside the four walls of the office and have a direct positive impact on people.”

Megan Rice, Communications Specialist


We Believe in Having Fun

It’s true. We work hard, but we also take time to have fun with each other and celebrate our successes. Social hours, bowling, baseball games, golf outings, team lunches, Spirit Week and office parties are just some of the things we do throughout the year.

CREW's Mission:

  • Build camaraderie between families
  • Build personal relationships with coworkers
  • Build trust and friendship by having fun together

“I enjoy being a part of the CREW team. Participating and organizing fun company events is just a small way Progressive Companies returns the appreciation for our hardworking employees."

Drew Bergeron, Estimator/Construction Project Manager

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe diversity, equity and inclusion are essential elements of innovative design, where each individual’s background, knowledge, ability, and experience contributes to strengthening the team and the organization.

Guided by trust and respect, we aspire to sustain a culture that values everyone’s voice. Our DEI committee upholds these values through sharing stories, education, and resources to help build a culture of belonging within the organization. They also plan events throughout the year recognizing and celebrating our diverse staff and communities.

“I enjoy the DEI Committee because it allows me the opportunity to make a tangible difference by promoting fairness, inclusivity, and representation. It also allows me to work on my understanding of different cultures, perspectives, and social issues--resulting in personal growth and awareness of my own unconscious bias so that I can continually improve.”

Jill Scruggs, Regional Office Manager


We Believe in the Importance of All Facets of Wellness

We support employees through onsite fitness classes, personal health coaching and company-wide wellness challenges each quarter. Want to take time to walk or run during the work day? That’s fine by us. In fact, we can even point you to a few running buddies who’d be happy to have company. The Wellness committee puts on a variety of events throughout the year including free flu shots for employees and their families, parfait bars, wall-sit and plank challenges, and mental health webinars.

“Our office culture is directly influenced by our people. It is with this in mind that I decided to join the Wellness Committee, to facilitate our voices being heard.”

Jobst Raven-Abercrombie, Architect

Supporting You

We care about employee growth and personal goals. Beyond building your knowledge and skills, we want staff to experience a fulfilling career. And the great part about being a multidisciplinary firm serving multiple markets? Team member are not limited. If you want to change things up, you'll have the flexibility and support to explore different projects.

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